Repairing A Laptop: Your Decision Making Process

The computer revolution was well on its way before usable laptops showed up, and these portable computers never had quite as much of a revolutionary impact. That certainly doesn't mean they're without value! Today a lot of people consider a laptop to be their best choice as a primary computer instead of a desktop. While modern laptops are light, compact, and highly portable, this also makes them more prone to damage for a number of different reasons. If your own laptop has taken a hit or two, here's what you should think about before getting it repaired.

In many cases, you need to start out by asking yourself whether or not it's even worth the hassle to repair your laptop. Laptops, like all computers, don't retain a lot of value as they get older. If your laptop is several years old and it's suffered extensive damage, it might make more sense to think of it as a write-off and replace it. To get a rough idea of the economics of your situation, check around to see what laptops like yours are selling for on the used market. 

Don't be too quick to start looking for a professional repair service if you do decide to fix your laptop. While the earliest laptops were not user-repairable in any sense, this is no longer the case. Modern laptop repairs are sometimes simply a matter of ordering the right replacement part and snapping it into place. Don't be afraid of doing this sort of repair yourself. You'll find ample instructional information on the internet. Professionals, do-it-yourselfers, and other well-informed individuals provide ample guidance in many formats. Repair videos on YouTube and other sharing sites are especially helpful.

If you know somebody who's more technically savvy than you are, you might consider turning the job over to him. Friends who build their own computers, tinker with electronics, and are generally handy with modern electronics can come in really handy! Of course, you shouldn't expect anyone to do a significant favor like this for free. Offer to compensate your friend for his or her time if you ask them to help repair your laptop.

Depending on the size of your community, your range of choices for local repair services may be quite limited. Fortunately, you can supplement your options significantly when you also consider companies that can repair your laptop in an out-of-town location and send it back to you. Get estimates for all of the services you're seriously considering. (Companies that want to charge you for an estimate can be safely crossed off your list.) Even taking the cost of shipping into account, you may find out-of-town services to be your most cost-effective option. This is because they can take advantage of economies of scale and use the same well-equipped facility to service a huge region. Bear in mind that this option is obviously going to take a great deal of time.

Before you get a laptop repaired, you need to make sure you go through a sensible series of decisions to verify that repairing the computer is the wisest course of action. Then you need to ensure you're getting the repairs done in the most effective and affordable manner. It's worth taking a little extra time to go through these steps so that you don't end up wasting money.